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LIFE System Biofeedback

"I am so grateful for the support and guidance that John has so graciously provided on my journey to a healthier, happier me! For years I had been on different types of anxiety medications which never seemed to make me feel better. Not only did I not feel “normal” which I thought was the purpose behind the pill, I also knew there were unwanted long term side effects which I did not want. So, through my own self mastery journey I was guided to John. Through Biofeedback sessions, supplements and other suggested modalities during our sessions I have accomplished my goal. I AM NO LONGER RELYING ON PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS for anxiety! I have learned to utilize relaxation strategies and forgiveness techniques to combat any feelings that may arise. I AM NOW THE ONE IN CONTROL! Thank You John for all of your support. I truly am forever grateful!"

- Sarah R.

"When I started seeing John for LIFE system sessions, he mentioned that my brain was a VERY busy place. As a business owner and single mom of three busy boys, I often felt guilt for all the things that I didn't do. I suffered from chronic neck pain...the place where I held all my tension. Working with John has helped me to have better focus, less guilt, and my neck isn't nearly the pain in the neck it used to be!" - Andrea E.

"Before I discovered John Ayo, I had been dealing with adult onset asthma for at least a decade.  After speaking at a workshop that John and I both attended, he learned through my presentation, that I had endured a traumatic sexual harassment incident.  He  acknowledged that I may have some residual pain that I still needed to address and encouraged me to meet with him.  I accepted his sincerity and authenticity and have been undergoing LIFE System biofeedback sessions.  During the initial six session program, I learned more about myself than I even knew existed.  In fact, I had no idea that there had been layer upon layer of emotional toxicity building up inside of me.  As I began to acknowledge and address each issue, my asthma began to trickle away.  My breath began to flow more freely, as I eliminated each toxic idea that entered my mind. Learning how to breathe has not only provided me with much needed physical comfort, it has allowed me to move into a new level of success."  - Meg H.

"I discovered John Ayo and the LIFE System through a friend of mine.  I saw the positive changes in her and decided to try it myself.  The results have changed my life!  I have dealt with depression and anxiety my entire adult life and was on medication for many years.  Since I began sessions with the LIFE System, I’m no longer on any depression or anxiety medication and I can honestly say, I’ve never felt better.  I had no idea it was possible to feel this good without anti-depressants.  I wish I would have found John 15 years ago.  I would recommend him to anyone who wants to live a healthier, positive lifestyle."     - Lynn D

"John Ayo and LIFE System sessions changed my life! I had a year of very painful headaches on a daily basis. During this time, I had to have lots of help taking care of my 2 children because of the pain. All of this led to anxiety and depression. I tried everything to get rid of the pain and feel like myself again. I was prescribed lots of different medication and went through many tests and procedures. Nothing worked. I finally decided to give biofeedback a try. First time meeting with John and trying LIFE System was life changing, and it keeps getting better with every session. My headaches got better immediately. I feel better than I have in a very long time and am so happy I can care for my children again. I will definitely continue LIFE System sessions with John." - Tye M.

"My friend went to see John about balancing some issues she was having with anxiety.  He had helped her to feel much better with the biofeedback system that he uses.  In her last session, they used the system to put some anxiety balancing frequencies in a bottle of filtered water.  I was feeling anxious and worried one day, and she suggested I take a sip of that “special water”.  Within a few minutes, I felt much better.  I now see John for regular biofeedback sessions, and it has noticeably helped me to feel much less anxious, and much more balanced."   - Jenna J.

"I met John as a guest on my radio show. I was so impressed that I wanted to experience his process personally, and am very grateful that I did. During and after each session, I could feel the changes occurring in my thoughts, emotions and physical body. He helped me clear many problems that had plagued me for years. John is a delight to work with and creates a safe, nurturing and healing environment. I am very grateful to John and highly recommend him to anyone who truly wants to heal."  - Paula J.

"The past two years have been personally difficult with job changes, stress from having two toddlers, financial difficulty, etc. which resulted in a very deep state of depression - the type that almost has you bedridden.  I have had psychotherapy in the past, but this depression was different than anything I had ever experienced in my life.  I literally felt no hope and like life was over for me.  John graciously offered to see me and begin LIFE system sessions, combined with naturopathic solutions and oils. 

The first session, I could feel a change happening - by the 3rd session, I was focused, able to see more clearly and the debilitating depression was lifting.  By the 5th session, I had a remarkable improvement.   I was sleeping better than I have in years and was laser-focused both in my personal and professional lives.  He literally saved my life and that is an understatement.  When we identify the frequencies that are out of balance, I can normally tell John what it is about and instantly recognize "why" they would be imbalanced.  I am a solid believer in the LIFE system and what it is able to do and plan to continue my sessions for the long-term."  - Jody D.

"I have been working with John to help with my sleep issues, depression and anxiety.  I have been feeling so much more calm, happy and I'm getting restful sleep now. During one of my sessions I asked John if he could work on my cats. I sent him a picture of my cats that I wanted him to work on. I didn't know when exactly he would be working on them.

One evening I was sitting on my balcony enjoying the beautiful weather. My cat Shiva jumped up on the table next to me and laid down. I noticed that she was very calm and peaceful. Her energy had shifted. I observed her for a few more minutes before I went back in the house to check my phone. I saw that I got a text from John saying he just finished working on Shiva!! I was amazed how quickly she responded and it was so apparent! She has continued to be less irritated and has gone back to being more playful. I am very impressed with the LIFE System and all the layers it can work on! "   - Cheannie M.

"After doing only 5 LIFE sessions with John Ayo, my knee & back pain went completely away. Also, I was having trouble sleeping and in 1 session I was sleeping through the night. This unique type of healing is truly one of a kind!"  - Donza D.

"Our daughter was experiencing some extreme emotional issues and having suicidal thoughts, and we wanted to find alternatives to prescription drugs. We were looking for natural ways to heal her thought patterns. We found John and the LIFE system to be extremely helpful in helping her get her life in balance. It’s been 6 months and she is still doing very well."   - Connie P.

21 Day Purification Program

"I have been using the 21 day Purification program pretty much annually for about 9 years now.  To be honest, I normally do not look forward to them but clearly understand and see the many benefits.  This year however, was very different as I have found that the program's resources have improved and expanded considerably.  My wife joined me this time as well, which is a huge plus and we both were very surprised with a vastly improved menu with many very good recipes to pick from each day.  The daily emails were also extremely helpful and motivational as well.  It was honestly a breeze to stay on the program for the duration this time and we will not hesitate at all to do it all over again this time next year.  I would strongly recommend the 21 day Purification program to anyone!"    - Jan B

"I've just completed my second 21 Day Purification Program and have never felt better.

I've always been health conscious and a nutrition-focused person, but honestly, I'd gotten lax in recent years.  Four teenagers and a chaotic life resulted in less focus on what I ate and how I cared for myself. The Purification Program brought this back into priority for me.  It forced me to evaluate daily what
I was eating, my food cravings, my surprising consumption of toxins and general lack of awareness.  My first cleanse last year was a great beginning. The results were undeniable and I adopted several of the habits I'd learned.  This second cleanse was even more effective.

I lost 10 pounds, and now have improved energy, elimination of cravings for unhealthy foods and most importantly a deep desire to continue to live a healthier lifestyle.  What a thrill that I now find myself actually craving the healthy foods I was eating because "I should".    At 51, it’s no longer just about how I look, (although this program definitely helps!) but how I feel and how I am strong and healthy for this chapter of my life. After years of caring for others, I'm finally caring for my body in the way that it deserves.   
This program is a wake-up call.  It's challenging, but well worth it.  Thanks again, John, for your excellent advice and care!"  - Stacey J.
"After completing several LIFE Sessions with John, he suggested that I try the 21 Day Purification Program to really get my body in gear, and ultimately to kick start a new way of eating. Although I had converted my groceries to all "organic" products, I knew I needed to change my eating habits to incorporate mostly "fresh" produce. And to create true, clean, eating habits. The detox was fantastic to say the least! Not only did I start sleeping better, have a clearer mind, and have an abundance of energy, but I had created some long lasting, healthy habits. A perfect combo to add to the LIFE Sessions, together strengthening my mind, body, and spirit."   - Marissa W.

General Comments
"When my life lurches out of control, I go see John. His extensive knowledge, experience, energy systems and techniques have never failed to get me back in balance both physically and spiritually.  John easily shares his insights, and provides practicable and simple suggestions to help prioritize my health in a busy world. I have been utilizing John’s LIFE System, HEB, and Remediation services for over 7 years now, and cannot recommend him highly enough!"           - Sherri W

"John is a true healer. His caring, professional and systematic approach when working with clients is highly recommended. John is always on top of new treatments and therapies and I really enjoy the LIFE balancing sessions. I have also used him for my son, who had an eye, head and sound tic and was very helpful in eliminating this. Thank you Dr. John!"       - Dr Sue H.

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