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1. Travel Balance - 9 Secrets to Healthy Travel

…Where Healthy Travel Drives Greater Business Profitability

Do the stresses of travel sometimes deter you from being your best when traveling for business?  Do you have fears or anxieties that get the better of you and the hassles of travel impact your success?

Travel Balance presentations will teach you how to reduce travel stress, sleep better and stay balanced during your business (or pleasure) travel, by focusing on natural/healthy choices that you can make while on the road.

This presentation will help you reduce stress, sleep better and stay focused while traveling for business so that you can perform at your best!  John will focus on natural/healthy choices that are easy and you can make on the road.

2. Natural Health Modalities

…When Prescriptions Aren't the Answer

This presentation will provide you the information to better understand the different types of natural healing that are available to you.  John will discuss the impacts of modern day life, and how natural integrative health options can help you achieve optimum health.

3. You Can't Close the Deal If You're Sick in Bed!

Sales people understand how important that first face-to-face impression can be.  Showing up to make your presentation goes right down the tubes if you are sneezing and sniffling.  John shares his proven methods for staying healthy on the road and at home.

4. Don't be the AWOL Consultant

Employers spend millions each year sending their experts to deliver onsite services.  Studies show that frequent business travelers are 20% less productive and 12% more stressed than their colleagues, costing their companies an average of $662 per traveler per trip.  John will share his tried and true stress relieving techniques that will enable you to stay mentally and physically prepared and maintain your focus to “Seal the Deal”!

5. Pearls of Wisdom

…Helping you build and maintain a career filled with life/work balance

Are you burned out with your job? Are you beginning a new career in a new company?  This presenation is filled with life/work lessons and experiences that span over 30 years of John’s career at IBM.  John will provide his wisdom regarding networking, sales success and achieving your business and professional goals.  PLUS, he will provide his best tips on staying balanced and healthy all based on his many years of traveling in the sales industry.

Travel Balance Videos on YouTube

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Television interview on Know The Cause (with Doug Kaufmann)!

Interview with well known TV host Doug Kaufmann about some fabulous tips to help you stay balanced when traveling.

Watch below...

Authors who travel—either to book signings, speaking gigs, or for business—often face the challenge of how to stay healthy on the road. Whether the struggle is with managing stress, eating healthy, exercising, or getting enough sleep, staying in balance while one the road can be a challenge for busy authors. Our guest—John Ayo, a naturopath, speaker and author —shares his insights into a lifestyle of health and balance, and why a natural approach to health can be best both while traveling and at home.

You’ll discover the secrets to how to stay healthy on the road:

  • Why staying healthy is key to an author’s success
  • Insights into the field of naturopathy
  • Where traditional medicine falls short in healthcare delivery
  • How you can be the CEO of your own healthcare and healing
  • What to do to stay healthy while traveling
  • The biggest thing authors do while traveling that leads to being out of balance
  • Three things to avoid to help boost your immune system
 Click HERE to listen!

Radio interview with Leslie Green about staying balanced while traveling!

It's All About That Bass...Oops!...BALANCE!

I'm really excited to chat with fellow author Leslie Green about Travel Balance:

Sometimes we hear things like, “We must keep life in balance,” or “It’s all about balance,” and such words sound so cliche that we wave them away—as if we’re saying, Sure, the sentiment is true, but I really don’t want to stop and take the time to apply it to my life. I’ll figure it out later, when things get really bad. And then they do. It’s not until we feel so completely out of balance that we scream for it, which is usually very late in the game…almost too late. Join us today as we speak to John Ayo, author of Travel Balance. Yes, we talk about balance in terms of travel, but it’s not just about the trip, it’s about the journey of life!

Listen to this informative interview HERE

Sample Clip from "Creating a Healthy Workplace"

The full presentation is available below.

Principles of Natural Health Webinar Replay

This virtual presentation was done live, and covers the foundational principles of natural healing. Preventive health topics include:

  • Should I take vitamins and supplements?  If so, what kind?
  • Does milk really contribute to immune deficiency in me...or my child (ear infections)?
  • What kind and how much water should I drink? 
  • Are these new "Power drinks" OK?  What about the sugar or sugar substitutes in them?
  • Could my teeth actually be causing all my health problems?
  • What simple changes can I make to drastically improve my family's health?

There is quite a bit of confusion around what is “healthy” if you read the "popular" magazines and listen to the major TV news shows (that are funded by pharmaceutical companies, dairy and major food companies).  In my research, I have found a lot of information I didn't want to find…or believe.  You need to know this!!! 

This presentation highlights the many benefits of the Juice Plus+ products.

Replay Link (1:20)

The Successful Workplace:

How to physically and mentally support your work life

Since work is such a huge part of most of our waking lives, we need to learn how to make educated decisions on how we can maintain, and even improve our health throughout the day. Whether your job takes you from your car commute to the tall-office-building cubicle, shuttling kids to school and practices, across time zones on airplanes, or to your home office across the hall, you need to know how to support your physical space and your mental health. 
And, if you have yours in pretty good shape, come learn how you can help your spouse and friends enjoy healthier work time.  Join high-energy Naturopaths John Ayo and Danette Goodyear for a comprehensive look at working and traveling healthy!

  • Commuting – toll tag radar to preparing your mind for the day ahead
  • The healthy office – ergonomic work space, remediation of EMFs, etc
  • Dealing with difficult people at work
  • Healthy travel – the eating challenge, hotel rooms, airplanes, traveling
  • with oils, oh my!
  • ...and much more!
This presentation highlights the many benefits of the Young Living products.

Replay Link (1:22)

Radio interview with Clint Fuqua about health on the road!

Do you know the healthy rules of travel?

I'm really excited to chat with fellow trainer, health coach and speaker Clint Fuqua about Travel Balance!

Join us as we get you set up for the best ways to travel. Listen in and make sure to take care of your health for a long enjoyable life!!

Interview with John begins at 8:30. Listen to this informative interview below:  

Podcast video on YouTubePodcast Interview on Biofeedback for Better Sex (with Dr Kat Smith)!

Interview with America's Intimacy Expert, Dr Kath Smith on how biofeedback can help you improve your relationships and intimacy by releasing old patterns and traumas that may be holding you back in your relationships.

Click HERE to watch on YouTube...or....HERE to listen to the Podcast.

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