History Behind The SCENAR
This device was invented by Alexander Karosev and further developed by the Cosmonaut Training Centre for use in the Russian space program.  These scientists were told to develop an energetic medical device that would be effective for acute and chronic illness and still be small enough to fit in the space capsule. Now it is the device Russian Physicians reach for when a patient comes to them for a broad range of diseases and disorders.

How widely accepted is the SCENAR?
In Russia, it is a mainstream medical device.  It is not just an experimental means of therapy.  Judging from the beneficial results of the Russians’ widespread use of the device it has proven to be effective on clients suffering from a broad range of disorders.  Authorized by the Health Ministry of Russia since 1986, the SCENAR has found increased acceptance by health practitioners in many countries.  The Russian experience has also been supported by its use in Australia, USA and Europe.  It is now being commonly used by therapist and private individuals, who have been trained and are seeking to better the health of their clients and themselves. 

How SCENAR works
By delivering electrical pulses on the skin, the SCENAR device activates practically all the organs and systems of the body.  Large numbers of skin receptors gather information to deliver a wide range of healing effects.  Since our tissues and organs are controlled by electrical pulses from the brain, the device generated pulses (which are similar in form to the brain’s neuropulses) naturally influence the organs and systems through ‘feedback’ from the body to the device.  The body’s self – recovery system is stimulated by the device causing it to use its own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides. Thus the body can choose the best chemical combination for each area of use.  The SCENAR is an electro-neuro-regulator. Each stimulating pulse is generated by the body’s response to the previous one (truly a biofeedback device).

How effective for pain relief?
The SCENAR’s high amplitude signals stimulate the small yet numerous C-nerve fibers. Many different neurotransmitters (neuropeptides, etc.) are produced by these fibers including many natural pain killers. Essentially it amplifies the point of pain sending a message to the brain, “Hey this is a problem, send your repair team to work on it.” 

This explains the effectiveness of the SCENAR therapy. The bio-chemicals, lasting up to several hours or more, will continue the healing process for hours or even weeks after the therapy is over.  The marked pain relief is often immediate and usually lasts longer then regular means of pain control.  Some experience more pain relief after therapy than from prescribed pain medication.  Sometimes recent problems may briefly seem to increase in pain. Not to worry, this is a healing crisis and shows your body’s willingness to repair problem areas.

Some of the conditions the SCENAR can help
As the SCENAR is used as the principal instrument of treatment by many Russian health practitioners, it is used there on most types of injuries and disorders.  The following are some of the more common disorders it is used on; respiratory, musculoskeletal, sciatic pain, back pain, digestive, circulatory, urinary, skin conditions, neurological and dental problems.  It is also beneficial for the endocrine system, stress, nutritional and metabolic problems as well as depression.  It has also proved to be very effective at speeding up the recovery times of, burns, fractures, insect bites, allergic reactions, sports injuries, trauma and cardiac arrest.

What to expect from a SCENAR session
After an initial consultation and assessment of a client’s chief concerns, a digital diagnostic reading applying the SCENAR to the point of pain or area of concern is taken.  The SCENAR is then stroked over the area of concern.  A gentle tingling sensation will be felt as distinctive signs begin to appear.  The SCENAR will interact with the body causing areas of red patches to appear, it may stick to certain areas as if magnetized or the sound of the device may change.  All of these signs indicate an area of concern or imbalance.  Sometimes where the pain is most felt may not be the source of the problem. This is where the SCENAR is highly effective at removing the guess work.  By treating these asymmetries (or smallest points of pain) a dynamic change is generated and the healing process is begun.  Initial treatment can take up to one hour.  Generally clients experience pain relief, stress relief, more refreshing sleep, increased energy and an overall sense of well being.  Children can be safely balanced and animals enjoy the therapies too.

Instances in which the SCENAR therapy would not be advised
The SCENAR should not be used on pregnant women, or anyone with a Cardiac Pacemaker.

How often are therapies required?
At the beginning of the SCENAR therapies more frequent visits are recommended, especially with recent injuries. This is in order to create a sufficient flow of regulative peptides.  A more gentle treatment regime is recommended for chronic (long standing) problems. Therapy varies greatly with each individual and depends on the body’s response level and how serious the issue may be. The person’s overall health, age and life style are also contributing factors.

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