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Harmonic Energetic Balancing

In an age in which breakthroughs in technology facilitate breakthroughs in consciousness, awareness and well-being, Harmonic Energy Technologies is leading the way in its development of the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program. This is a stand-alone software program which, through the nature of non-locality offered by quantum thinking, we are able to affect the energy fields of our clients without space/distance being a factor, much as the way prayer works. In fact, we could call what we’re doing “computer-based prayer”.

How it Works

In our lives, we are always looking to create harmony within. We fundamentally know that if our energy field is harmonized, our emotional body and physical body synchronize and work at another level of optimum. After we download the program into a computer designated for this energy work, we scan a photograph into the hard drive, as well as the demographic data of the client or individual. The photograph is a holographic representation of the individual, of their energy field. This is why indigenous people intuitively know that photographs have an aspect of their essence in them and why they’ll allow photos to be taken of them only when they trust the people taking the photo. By affecting this holographic image with healing, balancing frequencies, the energy field of the individual, wherever he or she may be, is being affected. Wherever we are, our field is being affected by the high-quality, balancing energies of the HEB Program. We sometimes call it “an energetic insurance policy.”

...like having 100 Tibetans Monks praying for you all day

With What Do We Affect the Energy Field?

Embedded in the program are frequencies that come from homeopathic remedies, flower essences and herbs. There are also frequencies of the colors of the chakras and several other balancing modalities, several thousand frequencies altogether.These frequencies are interfacing, with and bathing the holographic image of the individual throughout the day and night, balancing, detoxifying, neutralizing. It’s a virtual angel, always balancing the energies of daily activities and interactions.

The Customized Effect: Personal Affirmations

Radionic-style programs have been around and in development since the 1920’s. The good news is that they have become increasingly effective and sophisticated. The HEB Program brings forth what we consider to be an excellent technology with the greatest advances to date, which is the ability to program in one’s own affirmations. We all know that we’re programmed by our parents, grandparents, siblings, our environment and culture. This programming is largely responsible for our health and illness, the quality of our relationships, our financial success and all life’s successes or failures. We spend our lives and thousands of dollars to re-program for success, health, happiness and well-being. Here in the HEB, we can do this easily through the demographic window.

Ancient Wisdom Combined with Modern Technology
Known by many as a Prayer Wheel Program, HEB combines the ancient idea of the Prayer Wheel in which a monk spins what looks like a New Year’s noisemaker with prayers written on it and in it on a cloth. The spinning is said to increase the power of the prayer. But eventually, even a disciplined monk’s arm gets tired. So we had the idea: What if what’s spinning is a computer’s hard drive? And the prayers are embedded in the software program? And that’s exactly what we did. We call it The Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program (affectionately called the HEB Program). The power of the word is perhaps the most transformative tool on the planet, and here we have the ability to harness it in this sophisticated way in service to ourselves, clients and humanity.

The Marriage of the HEB Program and the L.I.F.E. System

The primary developers of both the HEB and the LIFE System were Chris Keser and Mike Slivinski. Both programs were designed by the developers to work together, and practitioner’s reports have shown this to be the case. They complement each other and it is optimal for the client to be on the HEB Program, even while doing LIFE sessions. It’s like taking the potency of a LIFE session and extending it out. The LIFE System of course allows for the “specific” sending of frequencies and the HEB does not. The intelligence of an individual’s energy field, exposed to the many thousands of frequencies in the HEB, selects what it needs at the moment for its optimal balancing, much the way the small intestine selects the nutrients from food that the cells need at a given moment undefined always changing, always available. As they both tap into the same quantum field, the HEB complements, supports and accelerates the balancing and effect of the LIFE sessions. Having oneself or client on the HEB extends the effect of the LIFE session. The LIFE session is a manual use of the frequencies within a given time-frame. The HEB is working in the background all the time, so subtly influencing a person’s field before, during and after the LIFE session.


“I used to suffer badly from rather extreme urinary tract infections. At first when I first got on to the Energy Balancing Program, it actually seemed to get worse, but that lasted for a brief amount of time. I’ve never had another one since…”   RM, NYC

“Even though my Aunt June still has some health problems, she also has had some great healings as well. Recently her Glaucoma pressure has gone from "21 to 14 for the first time. This is phenomenal! Thank you!”   DR, San Diego, CA.

"After getting on your energy balancing program I had some blood work done and the doctor said it was unbelievably healthy for any age and he said my good cholesterol was so amazing that it should be bottled for sale for a fountain of youth potion.”   AR, La Jolla, CA.

“I have noticed some of what you may call subtle changes occurring. There is a definite feeling of clarity going on. A feeling of wellness. My low back ache seems to be gone for the most part. Still more to go yet improvements are happening…”    PB, NJ 

“I have my sister monitoring our dog Rocky. She's having fun. My first full day on UEB, 3 houses that I had that had been sitting on the market and becoming a royal pain, sold, so if you can attribute this to HEB, well then, I think you have something revolutionary on your hands…”    GK, Ontario, Canada

How long does one use the HEB?

An individual participates in the HEB Program for a year at a time and receives the frequencies every day. It seems to act as an energetic "protection", as a result of which many people renew and use it continuously as it is an affordable means of keeping one’s energy balanced throughout their lives. We think of the HEB Program as “an angelic gift of love”, so staying with it tends to make a good deal of sense. Here are some sample videos of the HEB system

Additional Videos of the HEB System in action

Global Affirmations and Afflictions

What it looks like when it's sending frequencies to a client www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgWqaS5BjqU

HEB Pricing
Harmonic Energy Balancing Program – Initial Price for one year
(1) Adult         $450
(2) Adult         $700
(1)  Pet           $250
Family plan     $900        (2 Adults, all Kids, all Pets)

Subsequent year subscription price is one half of the initial price

Ener-Balance Package - Introductory Special  $885 (normally $995)
This package includes the initial visit, 5 follow on sessions, and 1 year of Harmonic Energy Balancing for one adult.

Due to the nature of this technology, the HEB system is available to anyone worldwide.

HEB Packages


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