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Healing Requires Voltage (Energy)!

17 Sep 2017 1:19 PM | John (Administrator)

Dr Tennant has spent years studying how the body uses voltage to heal, from the cellular level. His work is simply amazing, and after hearing him speak several times in Dallas, I am convinced that he is absolutely correct.

He is an incredibly brilliant man, and was extremely motivated to heal his own disastrous health using natural techniques. His use of the SCENAR (which I use in my practice), and then the development of his own Biomodulator, are revolutionary for those that have experienced it.

I would highly recommend researching more into this exciting area of energy medicine...the next revolution in healing!

  • Your body runs on bioelectricity. Cells are designed to run in an environment of -20 to -25 millivolts. To repair and heal, cells need an environment of -50 millivolts
  • Inadequate voltage is a characteristic of all chronic disease. Either you do not have the necessary voltage to run the cells, or the higher voltage needed to make new cells
  • To heal, you need the proper voltage. You also need all of the necessary raw materials (nutrients) required to make new cells and address any toxins that might damage cells as fast as you make them
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