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Article and Podcast Interview!

Traveling Naturally: Tips to Keep Your Trip Balanced

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Good article about how wellness retreats bring balance!

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Challenges staying balanced while traveling? This article highlights the top three things you can do to stay balanced on the road.

Excerpt from Yoga Digest Magazine (May/June 2015 edition):

Do the stresses of travel sometimes deter you from seeing some of the amazing places on this planet? I have several friends that love to travel, but their fears and anxieties get the better of them and they decide to stay home rather than deal with the hassles of travel.

It’s no surprise that traveling today can be quite stressful in a variety of ways: getting through the airport, dehydration, keeping up with exercise, what to eat, etc. And, as security has increased at airports, it becomes just a little more challenging. As a traditional Naturopath and longtime international traveler, I get questions all the time from people that travel about how they can stay healthy, and even more, thrive on the road. I have been practicing yoga since 2003, and do my best to apply the balanced principles of yoga to my everyday life, especially when traveling.

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Praise for Travel Balance

"When I met John I wondered what does an IBM tech guy know about healing, well quite alot actually. Dr John’s knowledge of natural healing techniques are outstanding. He is a true healer.  You will feel comfortable knowing this book will provide the energy, space and consciousness you require to stay healthy and balanced while you travel."

     - Sue Hegel, DC

"I travel on over 100 flights every year.  Frequent travelers need a system to ensure maximum personal productivity while on the road.  Corporations want their employees healthy while they represent the company across the globe.  It simply makes financial sense.  John's natural approach is a system that works to keep the mind and body healthy and fresh while on the road."

     - Bob Jones, IBM Vice President

"A key health prevention strategy is reducing stress, and you reduce stress by being prepared and arming yourself with tips and practical pointers on what to do before, during, and after your trip. With the diligence of an engineer, the expertise of a world traveler, the passion of a great teacher, and the knowledge of a naturopath, John gives you a step-by-step, readable, common sense, preventive and naturopathic health guide that you’ll want to refer to and take on every trip."

     - David Holland, MD

"John has combined his many years of challenging business travel with his extensive knowledge of health principles and practices in bringing this book together. Traveling can wear a person down both mentally and physically due to the stresses of the experience. Whether one travels constantly for business or just wants to feel their best on that special vacation, this book will have effective tips on how to feel great while doing it well!"

    - Paul Collett, DC

"This book is a must for every traveler!  I travel internationally quite often and there are so many tips in this book to keep you healthy during your trip. I believe in natural solutions and this guide provides a comprehensive approach to stay healthy naturally while traveling."

   - Esther Ferre, IBM General Manager

"John is an intelligent and gifted individual when it comes to alternative healing.  He has a heart of gold and will do anything in his power to help someone achieve their ultimate health and balance."

    - Cheannié Marquis L.Ac, Dipl. O.M. (acupuncturist)

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