At LifeBalance we are always striving to improve our service and your health. Toward that goal, we have an exciting new service to offer you!

Our Patient Direct™ by Standard ProcessĀ® ordering program allows you to order your supplements directly from us online from the comfort of your own home. Your supplements will then be delivered to your address.

This new tool offers you several benefits:

  • You’ll save time by ordering and reordering supplements online, at your own convenience.
  • You’ll be able to maintain your supplement health regimen even if you’re traveling.
  • You’ll save time and money by not having to drive to pick up your supplements.
  • Your supplements will be delivered directly to you.

If you are a current client and interested in using this new convenience, please send me an email to get our Patient Direct code. This code is required to begin the application process for your online ordering account through Patient Direct by Standard Process.

If you are not currently a client, please send me an email so that we can connect.

Once you have the code, click on the graphic below to register.

Standard Process Patient Direct

Patient Direct Registration Instructional Video

Client FAQs

YouTube Videos about Standard Process

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